• Lasercube 2W DJX
  • Lovell Laser diode Driver
  • S4i & S4p ILDA interface
  • S4Fb Ilda interface for Pangolin FB4
  • ILDA Gem laser Projector test tool

Stanwax Laser are an independant supplier of laser parts and services based in Noth Wales in the UK. We design and manufature electronic parts for entertainment laser projectors and cater for enthusiasts, hobbyists and profesionals all over the world. We are also agents for Photonic Cleaning Technologies First Contact Polymer optics cleaner Please note that from 9th November 2020 postal charges to USA have changed. This is due to the post costs to this country becoming ever higher. We are sorry but this is out of our hands :(

New for August 2020 - all new Ilda Gem