Stanwax Laser is a small firm based near Caernarfon in North Wales and is run by Rob Stanley.

Rob has been involved with lasers from before the millenium and has been selling laser related parts during most of that time. The last few years has seen a growth that has brought the name of Stanwax Laser to be well known amongst hobbyists and professionals alike. 

On the Stanwax Laser online shop you will find many components for building laser projectors, including modules from Laser-Wave and scanners from Dragon Tiger. We sell products from these brands throughout Europe and DT scanners to destinations worldwide, as well as the brands listed above we also sell many in house designed and manufactured electronic products.

Many items can be found individually or in kits to help you save some money. If you require any items in quantity please drop us an email and we can quote based on your requirements.
We sell Pangolin Flashback 3 laser controllers that come bundled with with Lasershow Designer Quickshow. We can also provide licencing for Pangolins exciting new software 'Beyond'