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Connector kits comprising of Molex KK compatible plastic connector shells and crimp terminals.
Note all kits are supplied with enough crimp terminals plus a few spares

Ilda Board - This contains 3x2way, 1x3way 1x 5way and 1x 8way plus 25 crimp terminals

*Colour Correction Board  - This kit contains 1x3way and 1x 8way plus 14 crimp terminals

DS3FCB - Contains 1x3way, 1x4way and 3x8way plus 36 crimp terminals

DS3FAC - Contains 1x3way, 2x4way, 1x 5way and 1x8way plus 26 crimp terminals

DS3AF - Contains 1x3way, 1x4way and 1x8way plus 18 crimp terminals

DS3CB - Contains 2x8way plus 18 crimp terminals

DS3AC - contains 1x 4way and 1x 5way plus 12 crimp terminals

DS3+ contains 2x 3way 2x 6 way and 1 x 8way plus 28 crimp terminals

Ilda Breakout board contains 2x 2way 1x 3way 1x 5way 1 x 6way 1x 8way plus 28 crimp terminals

Available as an option are a set of compatible ratchet crimpers that are suitable for most Molex style connector crimps

Also available as an option is a bag of 100 crimp terminals

*if using the colourboard in conjunction with the ilda board (daughter board) then no additional connectors are needed just order ilda board kit.

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