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Dichro Mirrors 15mm

Dichro Type

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Dichro mirrors on a K9 substrate Dimensions 15mm x 1.5mm Clear aperture >90%
We have our 3 original coatings plus 2 new coatings introduced May 2012. This allows 10 possible configurations depending on your laser selection a chart showing the possible layouts can be downloaded in pdf format here.

GBR Dichro Pass Red reflect Green and Blue (suitable for 473nm & 445nm)

GB Dichro Pass Green reflect Blue (suitable for 473nm & 445nm)

RGB Dichro Pass Green and 473nm blue (note this dichro does not perform well for transmission of 445nm see dichro layout diagram) - Available while stocks last

RGB2 Dichro (new for May 2012)  Pass Green and 445nm Blue and reflect Red

BG Dichro (new for May 2012) Pass Blue reflect green

Please note all the coatings are available in 20x10 rectangular format here

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