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DS3+ Colour correct & axis flip

Mounting bracket (Standard board only)
Connector Kit
Board version
Push Buttons
Mounting Stand offs (internal pots only)

Our Price: £55.00
DS3+ Colour correct & axis flip
DS3+ Colour correct & axis flip DS3+ Colour correct & axis flip DS3+ Colour correct & axis flip DS3+ Colour correct & axis flip
The DS3+ combines two tried and tested products into one board.
Stanwax laser DS3 solid state axis flip (with digital axis flip technology) + 3 channel DZ colour correction on a single board with a single power supply simplifies wiring and fitting.
The axis flip circuity allows either axis to be reversed by the press of one of two panel mounted buttons. The axes can also be swapped by holding eithe button in for 3 seconds. All settins are stored on on board NVRAM so will be maintained following a power cycle.
The DZ colour circuit is a tried and tested analogue control that will allow matching of laser modualtion characteristics by providing adjustment of four paramters per channel. Rise time, fall time, threshold and gain provide all the adjustment needed to give cleaner beams and sharper scanned images.

Two versions are available - the standard board is designed for mounting anywhere within the projector with all the adjustment pots inside the projetcor. This board has a small heatsink at one end that can be used for mounting if desired.
The second version includes a mounting bracket and finger adjustment pots that can be accessed through the projector rear panel for control of the RGB levels. This version also has a small heatsink at one end that can supplement the mounting of the board.

User manual for this and our other products can be downloaded from our main website

PCB size 51 x 80 mm
Standard board height
External adjust board height (inc mounting bracket)
Power requirements - Split rail power supply +/- 12-24V 70mA per rail (scanner power supply recommended)


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Reviewer: B Todd from Lancashire   5 Stars

This is a very well made and useful piece of hardware. The colour correction needs time spent to get the best out of it but the installation was simple following the comprensive and well written manual.