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DS3 family
DS3 family
DS3 family
DS3 family
DS3 family

Product Description

Stanwax Laser DS3 Range of projector contol boards. The DS3 provides a solid state axis flip and swap contol circuit with optional pots for level control of your RGB levels or X/Y scale. The board stores the settings selected by use of 2 push buttons in its internal flash ram and loads the last set values on power up so the board will not loose the projector configuration. The axis are flipped by a short press on the button - one will control the horizontal (X) axis while the other controls the vertical (Y) axis. Press and hold either button for more than 3 seconds and X and Y are swapped around allowing you to mount the projector at 90 degrees to normal.

Manual for this product can be found

Optional connector kits are availabe for the various models
Optional Molex Crimp tool with Ratchet action for KK and many other Molex style connectors - £30.00
Optional soft touch knobs with push on fitting sold as RGB for CB versions and in yellow for AC versions
DS3FCB - Full board with axis flip and RGB level pots* for panel mounting
DS3FAC - Full board with axis flip and X/Y level pots* for panel mounting
DS3AF - axis flip board only for internal mounting and rear panel mounted push buttons
DS3CB - Pot board only with RGB level pots
DS3AC - Pot board only with X/Y level pots

* these 2 versions can be supplied without the push buttons fitted so you can use your own push buttons and mount them where you wish please email us when you place the order of you wish the buttons to be left off.



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DS3 family

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