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Stanwax laser 4 channel version of the DZ colour board. This is a smaller tidier board (80x58mm) and is available as a daughter board for our Ilda interface board or as a standalone unit.  Select the daughterboard version if you want to use it with one of our ilda interface boards or select standalone if its to be fitted in a projector that does not have a Stanwax  ilda interface board. 

What does this board do?
The colour correction board uses good old analogue technology to adjust 4 parameters of each colour signal - each board has 16 adjustments. For each of the four colour channels you have control of the the following

Gain - allows the signal of each channel to be boosted or reduced from 0 to 1.1
Offset - or threshold sets the point at which the laser turns on therefore giving the greatest range of modulation as well as allowing matching of the turn on point of the lasers.
Rising edge delay - adjusts how quickly the laser turns on when it is blanking >300uS of adjustment
Falling edge delay - adjusts how quickly the laser turns off when it is  blanking >300uS of adjustment

The last two parameters are the most important, without control of these, unsightly coloured 'tails' will show on the start and end of the traces which will spoil a beam show and cause graphics to be displayed incorrectly. Adjusting the rise and fall times of the lasers will allow matching of the lasers so they all react in the same way to a modulation signal. This kills the coloured ends and the whole effect of the board is to make colours richer and the whole display more pleasing to the eye by accurately displaying the output as it would be seen on screen.

The board requires +/- 12-24V at 50mA per line, this power can normally be derived from the scanner psu.
Input type - differential
output type - single ended 0-5V
All outputs are short circuit and over voltage protected

Manual for this product can be found here

Accessories - Connector kit - Contains 1x3way and 1x 8way plus 14 crimp terminals - £1.80
Optional Molex Crimp tool with Ratchet action for KK and many other Molex style connectors - £30.00


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