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Available in from stock in 15ml applicator bottles - this new formulation of First Contact can be applied directly to static sensitive devices such as CCD's. Please note these are sold as a single 15ml bottle and NOT as a Pack of 3.

It is used in exactly the same way as the standard product but will disperse any static generated during removal therefore protecting sensitive devices from static damage.

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FIRST CONTACT™ Polymer Solutions clean and protect nanostructures, precision surfaces, optics, glass, fused silica, silicon, crystals, non-linear crystals, metals, Ge, ZnSe, NaCl, KBr, KRS-5, first surface mirrors and telescope optics. First Contact™ polymers also clean and protect diffraction gratings, phase masks, and pinholes! Smooth or rough, flat or curved; AR and reflective coatings, all surfaces can be safely, easily cleaned and protected with FIRST CONTACT™. The fluid solution conforms to any contour, the polymer film releases easily. GET 'NEXT GENERATION' CLEAN! PREVENT RECONTAMINATION!
FIRST CONTACT™ is a non-toxic, inert polymer designed to remove dust, fingerprints, residues and contaminants from delicate, sensitive, and precision surfaces without scratching or damage. First Contact™ polymer film protects optics from physical and chemical damage in assembly, shipping and storage.

Note this product is not suitable for plastic lenses & optics.
FIRST CONTACT™ Polymer optics cleaner is easy and economical to use and is available to buy off stock in many variants to suit all needs. Download our full product list here
Full details of the product can be found here Photonic cleaning.
Instructions for use of this product can be found here

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