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Available in 2 colours - water clear (legacy material) and red for normal cleaning and protected storage, the dye giving a very clear indication of the protective coating. note: water clear and red coatings are used in exactly the same way.

We have used this product for laser mirrors, dichroic mirrors, lenses, cavity optics and scanner mirrors as well as camera lenses and digital camera sensors. We did also sucessfully clean the output facet of a multiwatt 808nm laser diode using this product!

The 15ml applicator packs now come in two pack options (as well as two colours). You can buy just the bottle or you can buy a bottle + sample pack. The sample pack comes with some peel tabs and samples of the unwaxed floss and inert nylon mesh (as pictured) plus instructions and a test optic coated with the polymer for you to test on. With this you can test three methods of removal of the cured polymer. The floss and mesh are designed to be embedded in the polymer while its being applied and then can be used for polymer removal.

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FIRST CONTACT™ Polymer Solutions clean and protect nanostructures, precision surfaces, optics, glass, fused silica, silicon, crystals, non-linear crystals, metals, Ge, ZnSe, NaCl, KBr, KRS-5, first surface mirrors and telescope optics. First Contact™ polymers also clean and protect diffraction gratings, phase masks, and pinholes! Smooth or rough, flat or curved; AR and reflective coatings, all surfaces can be safely, easily cleaned and protected with FIRST CONTACT™. The fluid solution conforms to any contour, the polymer film releases easily. GET 'NEXT GENERATION' CLEAN! PREVENT RECONTAMINATION!
FIRST CONTACT™ is a non-toxic, inert polymer designed to remove dust, fingerprints, residues and contaminants from delicate, sensitive, and precision surfaces without scratching or damage. First Contact™ polymer film protects optics from physical and chemical damage in assembly, shipping and storage.

Note this product is not suitable for plastic lenses & optics.
FIRST CONTACT™ Polymer optics cleaner is easy and economical to use and is available to buy off stock in many variants to suit all needs. Download our full product list here
Full details of the product can be found here Photonic cleaning.
Instructions for use of this product can be found here

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Quote from customer John M Sonley -  I've just completed the exercise of treating all my 1st surface holography mirrors in my current holography table set-up with First Contact - fantastic results!
The small red dot produced on each mirror from my unexpanded 33mW HeNe is far less visible now - suggesting less scattered light and a much cleaner surface.
 I left the polymer to dry and harden for 24 hours and it came away from each optical surface so easily.
See and buy Johns holograms here -



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First Contact™ Polymer Optics Cleaner - opticlean

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