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ILDA Gem Laser projector tool

Mains adaptor
Ilda lead

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ILDA Gem Laser projector tool
ILDA Gem Laser projector tool ILDA Gem Laser projector tool ILDA Gem Laser projector tool ILDA Gem Laser projector tool

Please note that the ILDA GEM has been superceded by the new ILDA GEM Pocket (see here). The ILDA GEM will therefore be made in very small quantities until parts stock is depeleted when it will become obselete.
The ILDA Gem is a simple device that is essential for the toolbox of any laser pro or amateur and allows you to operate a laser projector for set-up, testing or alignment without having your laser hardware and computer operational. Onboard there is a quadrature generator that will output a single ended signal to the X,Y lines (see image above). The board outputs either a full 5V or a variable level (0-5V) to the modulation signal lines (up to 6 lines). All this can be achieved with the device powered from the supplied USB adaptor (mains USB power adaptor available as an option) or you can connect a laser controller to the device allowing the same 5v or variable level to the modulation lines while displaying an Ilda X,Y signal from your laser hardware.

The ILDA Gem is a compact device measuring 72mm x 56mm including connectors and comes complete with USB power adaptor cable (2.5M).
The built in quadrature generator can output at 3 different pps rates, 12k, 18k (default), and 30k. Instructions to change the scanrate will be provided with the device however it does involve some easy soldering of the pcb. If you are not confident about this please ask and we will make one of the other speeds default for you.

Available options
Mains USB power adaptor available in UK European or US variants
30cm ILDA ribbon lead to go from ILDA Gem to the ILDA input of your projector

A review of the ILDA Gem can be found here
and the user manual here

Customer quotes 
'we use it every day for testing all our lasers, it’s amazing !! '
'have to say - *love* the ILDA-Gem.. most-aptly-named'

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Reviewer: Wayne from Owen   5 Stars
Indespensible Tool for testing and RGB Setup