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The ILDA Gem Pocket 2020 is the latest incarnation of our popular laser projector test tool. This edition has been completely redesigned with all new electronics and firmware but uses the same well known layout and controls that everyone is familiar with.
The ILDA Gem Pocket is essential for the toolbox of any laser pro or amateur. Building on its useful predecessor the Gem Pocket packs many features into its stylish pocket sized case. In simple terms it allows you to operate a laser projector for set-up, testing or alignment without having your laser hardware and computer operational - but the Gem Pocket does so much more!
Features include (
red text indicates new features)
Onboard Quadrature test pattern generator (outputs a square at 50% scan scale)
User selectable scan rate 12,18,24,30kpps
Static Beam output

Horizontal and vertical single line output
Variable full power and off selections for the 3 colour lines
Orientation output
Auto power off for battery saving inc APO disable feature

Buffered outputs for RGB XY
Short circuit protection on all outputs
Genuine ground reference and bi-polar output for X & Y signals
High quality potentiometers for long noise free life

The Ilda Gem Pocket comes in a moulded ABS case complete with an alkaline 9V battery and has three optional extras
A choice of stylish protective rubber boot - available in red black or blue(+£10 inc vat)
30cm Ilda ribbon cable (+£6 inc vat)
Dedicated ILDA Gem Breakout board (+£10 inc vat)

The user manual can downloaded or viewed here.




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ILDA Gem Pocket 2020

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