Ilda Interface S4 - Ilda Breakout

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The Ilda interface board is designed to provide emergency stop and interlock functions to help comply with BS EN60825 and has been widely used in the USA to help achieve projector variance. Our latest Ilda board the S4 has been redesigned and now has more functions than ever. Now there are two versions, panel mount (S4p) and a dedicated internal board (S4i). Both are electronically identical and are compatible with V1.03 for use in multiple projector setups using a single e-stop.
A video of the stop functions and why this product is beneficial can be found
The manual for this product as well as our other products can be found here

New features June '16
* Stanwax Solid State shutter
* High impedance buffered inputs for XY RGB signals
* User programmable timer
* Realy contacts for electro-mechanical shutter (up to 3A - not mains rated)
* Jumper P for two electro-mechanical shutter modes
* Scan fail connector for future upgrade
* Headers for Bi-coloured LED, Power LED and Emission LED (S4i)
* On board LED for status of solid state shutter

Connector kit S4p - contains 1x8way, 1x5way and 1x3way 3x2way shells plus 22 crimp terminals - £2.50
Connector kit S4i - contains 1x8way, 1x5way and 1x 3way 5x2way shells plus 26 crimp terminals - £2.50
Optional Molex Crimp tool with Ratchet action for KK and many other Molex style connectors - £30.00
Accessory Kit (S4i only) comprises of Power LED + BiLED + 30cm Ribbon for remote interlock - £5.00

Dimensions S4p 69mm x 65mm x 25mm
S4i 74mm x 50 mm x25mm
Power requirements +/-24vdc 100mA
Laser control 3 channel solid state shutter + Laser power control relay
Relay rating 12A (relay) limited to 5A by Inrush supression device
Mounting provided by built in 25 and 9 way Sub D connectors (S4p)
Mounting bushes attached to PCB x 3 (S4i)
Laser start up time User programmable 0-60 seconds (7 seconds default)
Solid state Shutter
response time
<100us to beam extinguish
We are happy to entertain enquiries for self branded OEM versions of this product - please call or email us to discuss the options, features and costs.

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We have been using the Ildaboard over a number of years now in our systems. Its perfect for wiring a projector. It makes wiring a projector easy but also reliable and compliant with EU regulations. If you want to do things right its a must have!!!

Brightlight Laser Equipment. | Netherlands | June 2016

I have been running these boards for about 8 months. Two of them have run in a permanent install at a local nightclub. They are on for 10-14 hours a day and have over a thousand hours on them. No issues or failures at all.

I really love the simplicity of the boards install and the size. They are smaller than a credit card. They comply with all the necessary USA FDA regulations and are used in all my USA legal projectors. The estop daisy chain is probably my favorite feature. It allows you to have one estop box for multiple projectors.

I highly recommend these boards. I literally could not run my business without them.

Johnathon V | United States | June 2016

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