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Lovell Laser Diode Driver
Lovell Laser Diode Driver
Lovell Laser Diode Driver
Lovell Laser Diode Driver
Lovell Laser Diode Driver

Product Description

Lovell Laser diode driver available in two variants.

Standard board for diodes operating at up to 2A current
(ideal for Mitsubishi 638nm, 445nm 1.7W and 520nm 1W)

Low power board for single mode diodes.
This board has a lower output range and finer pot adjustment for lower current diodes.
Both boards are available in Red green or blue PCBs for no additional cost.
The design includes analogue modulation capable of working at the fastest speeds used in todays laser displays, and there are a pair of useful test points on the pcb for current measuring. The testpoints provide a buffered measurement and are made to allow a test probe to locate positively avoiding some of the nightmares of the past.

General Spec (both boards)
Power supply - 5-12V
Modulation - Analogue up to 120kpps
Beam supression & soft start included
Board dimensions - 28 x 37mm

Std board current pot adjusts up to 1500mA with up to 900mA on offset
LP board current pot adjusts up to 750mA with up to 200mA on offset.

A manual for this product can be found here.

This is the first product in a line of drivers that we manufacture in house.
Coming soon
Single channel driver with external power transistor for higher current
Dual driver
Tripple driver



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Lovell Laser Diode Driver

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